Mixing Now: FLY COLT FLY

Brilliant and troubled serial burglar Colton Harris-Moore escaped a juvenile detention facility in 2008, beginning a chase with authorities unlike any other in history. Colt has become an icon for youth rebellion and left in his wake over 100 crimes, including a half dozen stolen boats, at least 10 cars, and 5 airplanes.
90 000 “fans” around the world cheered the teenager on through Facebook. Ten original ballads about Colt have been immortalized on Youtube and book/movie deals were made while he was still on the run. Colt is a new breed of outlaw folk hero – a pure fugitive, a runner. Though non-violent, his name will go down in history with the likes of John Dillinger and Billy The Kid.

Combining documentary elements, dramatic recreations and graphic-novel style animation, Fly Colt Fly contrasts the story of a real kid who fell into burglary to keep from starving, and his mass media doppelganger, The Barefoot Bandit. Colt’s story will be told by those who have known him, his family and friends, his ex-partner stuck in prison, the social service workers that tried to help him, the journalists that followed the story, the people he stole from, the law enforcement officers and bounty hunters that chased him, and the fans that still idolize him.flycoltfly