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Mixing Now: Liz Marshall’s The Ghosts in Our Machine

The Ghosts In Our Machine illuminates the lives of individual animals living within and rescued from the machine of our modern world.  Through the heart and photographic lens of protagonist Jo-Anne McArthur, we become intimately familiar with a cast of non-human animal characters.

“The connection that I have to animals while I’m photographic them is one of empathy.  There is a huge mistreatment and inequality between human and non-human animals, and that’s always in the forefront of my mind.” – Jo-Anne McArthur

The film shines a light on the complex social issue of animal rights within the context of our voracious consumer driven world.  A diverse cast of voices contribute to the moral question posed: Are animals property to be owned and used, or are animals sentient beings deserving of rights?


THE DIRTIES wins big at Slamdance

As the dust settles in Park City, the Slamdance film festival has honoured Matt Johnson’s The Dirties with the Grand Jury Sparky Award for Feature Narrative. “Terrifyingly timely and brutally honest, ‘The Dirties’ uses film references to the extreme as dreams of youth and intense growing pains collide.”

Furthermore, The Spirit of Slamdance Sparky Award Presented by Actor/Director Thomas Jane also went to The Dirties. This award is given by the Class of 2013 Slamdance Filmmakers to the film team that best embodies the creative, independent, and entrepreneurial spirit of the festival, as well as showing exceptional talent as artists.

Congratulations to Matt and the entire team of The Dirties: Theatre D was proud to have been a part of this great project!

Released today: KRIVINA

Congrats to Igor Drljača and College Street Pictures for today’s release of Krivina.  Mixed at Theatre D Digital, Krivina is on-screen this week at The Royal.

KRIVINA: trailer

A gem of a film that takes viewers from Toronto to Bosnia… disturbing yet compelling tale… Their dialogue is detailed and concrete, with the ring of remembered truth… quietly but tautly menacing, like the early Polanski of Knife in the Water, or even Bergman in The Virgin Spring… (Drljača’s) talent are undeniable – the big league definitely beckons… impressive.” – Rick Groen, The Globe and Mail


“It’s a good time for young, independent directors in Toronto, and with his sparsely produced yet captivating debut, KRIVINA  Igor Drljača moves towards the front of their ranks.” – Adam Nayman, The Grid


“Minimal and compact, KRIVINA i s a creeping and haunting film.” – Blake Williams, BlogTO



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Lowcountry Raiders

Toronto-based Shark Teeth Films has just started their audio post on another pilot for Discovery Canada, Lowcountry Raiders, which is set to air this winter.

The hour-long pilot focuses on three teams of fossil divers who brave dangerous waters to find archaeological treasures in America’s Lowcountry, the coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia. Discovery Canada’s Bruce Glawson is in charge of production, while Carter and Mudd are exec producers.

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Love It or List It

Love It or List It is a real estate and renovation show featuring interior designer, Hilary Farr and real estate agent, David Visentin. While designer Hilary attempts to win over the homeowners by renovating their current home, real estate agent David tries to find them the home of their dreams. Once all work has been complete and all potential homes have been viewed, couples must decide whether to love their homes or list them.

Now in its fifth season, Love It or List It airs on the W Network and VIVA.



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HOLD FAST (feature)

When 14 year-old Michael’s parents are killed in a car accident, he and his little brother are split up and Michael is sent to live with relatives in a city far removed from his beloved fishing village. In addition to the harbour pursuits that formed the backbone of his daily life, Michael also leaves his adored grandfather – his last connection to the life that went before.

Michael makes an effort to adjust to the city in spite of Uncle Ted, who has rejected the out-ports in favour of a rigidly material urban life. He buries his insecurities by running his home like an army barracks. Michael forms an uneasy friendship with his cousin, the bookish Curtis and meets the sweetly effervescent Brenda, his first love.

But Michael, hot tempered and righteous, is taunted for his accent and his country ways. When he goes ballistic and knocks a kid out cold he and his uncle have a terrible fight and Michael decides to run away. He plans to survive alone in the Newfoundland wilderness, thereby proving his independence. Curtis, also longing for freedom, begs to join him on the lam.

They hitchhike their way across the island, ‘borrowing’ a car at Gander airport to take them deep inside a deserted national park. Michael has become obsessed by a quest to find a secret place that his father loved. As the two boys head into the wilderness on foot, their journey proves more revealing, and more dangerous than either could have imagined.

Adapted from the classic coming-of-age novel by Kevin Major, Hold Fast was instantly hailed as “a landmark in Canadian writing for young people; a stunningly perceptive novel”. Michael has been compared to both Holden Caulfield and Huck Finn. Hold Fast will appeal to the same general audience that loved the 80′s classic Stand By Me. Hold Fast will shoot in Newfoundland, in May of 2012, directed by Justin Simms (Down to the Dirt) and written and produced by Rosemary House.

Hold Fast will be released theatrically in Canada in 2013.

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Perfect Storms: Disasters That Changed The World

Transatlantic studio Entertainment One (eOne) has a nod from History Television in Canada for the disaster doc series Perfect Storms: Disasters that Changed the World.

The 6×60′ programme has started its audio post with Theatre D Digital, with plans to air in early 2013 on the Shaw Media-owned specialty. The series will look at events such as the Kanto earthquake of 1923, the Galveston hurricane of 1900 and the harsh combination of weather and warfare that marked the battle of Moscow in 1941.

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